Project Overview

This project will construct a 1.8 mile extension of the Newtown Rail Trail into Northampton Township. Phase I of the Newtown Rail Trail in Upper Southampton Township was completed in fall of 2021. This segment ends at Bristol Road, the municipal boundary between Northampton and Upper Southampton townships. The trail extension would begin at Bristol Road and continue into Northampton Township along the former Fox Chase-Newtown SEPTA rail line corridor and will terminate at the County-owned Churchville Nature Center.

The trail is comprised of 3 segments:

Segment 1 – Bristol Road to Bustleton Pike (0.32 miles)

The trail would begin on the south side of Bristol Road, approximately 100 feet northwest of its intersection with Churchville Road, where the trail currently under construction will end. Upon reaching this signalized intersection, the trail would cross Bristol Road and continue for 0.32 miles within the SEPTA-owned corridor of the former Fox Chase-Newtown line, until reaching Bustleton Pike. This segment of trail would pass through a residential area in the Churchville Historic District and run adjacent to the Churchville Train Station, which would serve as a trail head.

Segment 2 – Bustleton Pike to Churchville Nature Center Connector Trail (1.14 miles)

Upon crossing Bustleton Pike, the second segment of the trail would run 1.1 miles within the SEPTA-owned right-of-way which is bordered by Elm Avenue to the north, and privately held lands to the south. Approximately 1,200 feet after crossing the Churchville Reservoir, as the trail approaches Aqua Drive to the north and homes along West Patricia Drive, connection will be made into the Churchville Nature Center, near the intersection of Elm Avenue and Aqua Drive.

Segment 3 – Newtown Rail Trail to Churchville Nature Center (0.3 miles)

The third segment of the trail will consist of a 0.3 mile trail into the Churchville Nature Center complex and run behind 11 homes located along West Patricia Drive. After crossing into the county-owned Churchville Nature Center property, the trail will continue via a combination of a new crushed stone trail and an existing asphalt trail.

Project Updates

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