What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range document that serves as a guide for land use decision making. It is a statement of the township's vision of the future to be used by residents, the Nockamixon Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, private and public stakeholders, and governmental agencies.

Preparing a comprehensive plan serves two important functions:

1. Vision for the Future

The planning process allows officials and residents to freely discuss what the future of the township should and could be. This discussion needs to be grounded in facts about the current conditions, and elevated by the aspirations of community members about what the character and quality of the community should be.

2. Decision Making & Guidance

The plan will form the basis for decision making and priority setting for local codes and ordinances. Guidance will be provided in critical areas of community development, community preservation, and quality of life.

Why is Nockamixon Updating its Plan?

The township's first comprehensive plan was adopted in 1967, and was then updated in 1988, with the most recent update in 2005. The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (PaMPC) recommends that municipal comprehensive plans be updated every ten years.

Nockamixon Township is a historically agricultural region with significant amounts of open space and natural resources that span across the northeastern portion of Upper Bucks County and connect to the Delaware River.

Staff of the Bucks County Planning Commission will assist the Nockamixon Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in reviewing and updating the 2005 plan to continue to foster this image of the township.